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Train them to Work with the Japanese Fisherman

Unknown Publisher, written by Kay McGrath.

On a small Japanese island, mass murder is committed daily. Dolphins those gentle sea mammals are battered to death by fisherman. About 1500 dolphins have fallen victim to the bloody round-ups. Iki island fishermen claim the “gangsters of the sea” as they call them, rob them of their liveliness. Environmentalists worldwide are fighting back one American Man who cut a net to free some of the trapped animals faces 3 years jail.

But Sea World dolphin trainer, Howard Kodra says the environmentalists are wasting their time. Kodra is the director of shows and… Continue reading

Marineland Owner to Sue U.S. after Customs Seize 6 Dolphins

Published in the Toronto Star, written by Jim Wilkes.

The owner of Niagara Falls, Marineland and game farm says he will sue the U.S. government for “at least 3-million” for the loss of six dolphins en route to Canada which were seized by Texas customs officials and dumped into the Gulf of Mexico.

John Holer, owner and founder of Niagara Falls ONT,, Tourist attraction called the seizure “an act of piracy”

Agents of the U.S. National Fisheries service boarded a Toronto- bound Millardair DC-3 aircraft on Friday after poor visibility and freezing rain forced the plot to make an unscheduled… Continue reading

Australia Trains Marine Paramedics

Australian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur press clipping Salawak Tribune 24.12.80, written by Glyn May.

Brisbane, Australia: Volunteer paramedics skilled in the treatment of marine mammals are being trained to save whales and dolphins stranded and injured on Australia’s beaches.

The “sea doctors’ on call 24 hours a day are equipped to treat sun burn, exhaustion, dehydration, psychological stress and infections and administer antibiotics, cortisone or vitamins.

The first six graduates of a special school are busy at present answering distress calls along the southern Queensland coastline while moves are under to spread the program world-wide through … Continue reading

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