We are legally destroying our protected marine wildlife!

SOME 4,000 sea creatures have been caught in shark nets lining NSW beaches alone over the past 20 years, new government figures reveal, prompting calls from environmentalists to immediately ban the meshing.


Of the official count of 3944 creatures trapped, about 60 per cent were sharks and less than 4 per cent were considered ”target” species (or those particularly harmful to humans).

The haul – as recorded in the Department of Primary Industries’ Report into the NSW Shark Meshing (Bather Protection) Program – included a total of 2521 sharks.

Among them were 15 grey nurses, a harmless… Continue reading

Travelling Shows


Travelling Show – thanks to Dell Winders

“Russ Dotson from Sea World produced the first see thru performing show tank allowing shows to travel across the US and Canada.”

CORRECTION: Sea World did not exist at that time. Russ Dotson, was an aquatic clown from Stranahan, Florida, and a regular performer, along with the Diving horse at Atlantic City’s Steel Pier in the summer, and performed at Sport shows during the winter. His wife had a Sea lion act.

Russ lost his Dolphins and was unable to fulfill his contracts in DC, and Canada. He contacted Aquarama, who agreed… Continue reading

We are DESTROYING our ONE Planet earth …

Our weather, life, energy balances, nutrition and the survival of all life on this planet are functions of the existence and health of our oceans. What we as people do to those oceans determines the future of all life as we know it. Consider these:

  • The plastic “continent” – drifting plastic bags and waste collected together in the northern Pacific Ocean is about twice the size of Australia!
  • Plankton is the basis of the world’s food chain
  • In the plastic “continent”, plastic outweighs plankton by 6 to 1!
  • Overfishing, pollution from fish farming, ghost fishing and shark netting are just… Continue reading

Treasure Hunt – Treasure Coast – Adventurous pioneers in the oceans

Treasure Hunts are a growing source of excitement for modern adventurers.

Many wrecks lie in wait for the brave and adventurous to find them in their watery graves … What does it take to create a treasure hunt voyage?

What do you think of the clever “prop wash mailbox” to clear the sand away from any potential treasure. Notice how close these folks are to the shore on this treasure hunt.

Thanks to Dell Winders – a treasure hunter himself with a long and established history in ocean exploration – for bringing this clip to our viewers.


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