We are DESTROYING our ONE Planet earth …

Our weather, life, energy balances, nutrition and the survival of all life on this planet are functions of the existence and health of our oceans. What we as people do to those oceans determines the future of all life as we know it. Consider these:

  • The plastic “continent” – drifting plastic bags and waste collected together in the northern Pacific Ocean is about twice the size of Australia!
  • Plankton is the basis of the world’s food chain
  • In the plastic “continent”, plastic outweighs plankton by 6 to 1!
  • Overfishing, pollution from fish farming, ghost fishing and shark netting are just a few of the hazards that we continue to inflict upon the oceans
  • The very survival of your grandchildren may depend on how we treat the oceans in the next 50 years!

Oceans’ Harmony exists to objectively and non politically assess and advise on the impact of human activities on the oceans, seas and rivers of our planet.

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